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The Ultimate Band Geek Page

Band Geek Phrases

Every year we come up with BAND GEEK phrases that reflect on the past year. I have included the past three years of my marching band expirience in this section.

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Dancing in the River of Life
The Banquet at Which Moore
     Wore the Afro-Wig and
     Danced (Ah BSB!)
Ahh! Attacked by a Canadian
I Think it was the River of Death
Man, Were Late Again
Mark Never Wore Underwear
     Under His Marching Band
Get It Off
Kylie Does the Lone Salute
Mrs. Cooper Screaming Downtown
Tenors Smile!
A Sax in Orchestra?!
4000 People Waiting on Jon
Fred Bear
Slurpees and Trumpets
The Audry Show
Speak Softly and Carry a
     Cardboard Stick
The "Tracis" Not Funny
Which One is My Left
Band Geeks, Orch Dorks, Choir
Euchre at Harmonia Gardens
Darren Left His Pants at the
     Rest Stop
Where Did All the Brass Come
Shopping During Band Class
Don't Hit Me Jon!
Toes in Your Nose
Tim Drank a Gallon Of Orange
Why is Your Face White?
Suck It In
Band Camp Initiations
Slurppie Run, Anybody?
Soggy Chicken...Ewwww
Hard To Say I'm Soory
A to Zed
To the Bat Sax
Quit Hitting Jon With a Stick
That Little Devil
Kill the Megaphone!!!!!!!!
Gillman was Never Initiated
I Wanted the Saxes Not the
     Whole Band
What's Mine Is Yours and I'm
     Here To Serve You
Jessie Gets Stuck in a Slide
Trip To CMU

"Do I look like a people person?"

The Living Dead
Ice Cream Man
Aug. 27, 2001 -Band Director Makes a Mistake
Sarinade 7-11
I got mus-kle
STG (Senior Trumpet Girls)
Man You Can Play High
Attack of the Sky Rats
Meyer and Initiations
Trojan Car Wash
Soggy Chicken II: Marching in the Rain
Pool at Alex's
80º in Uniform
Tojans! and the Backward A
A Puppet Show
To the Bat Sax
Safe Sax
Conga: Hardest 8-5 Ever
The Sectional No One Shows Up To
The Annual Taping of the Instruments
Band Expo- We Rock
Marching, 35º, Metal Stands, Snow
I Saw My Former Band Director in the Press Box
4 Hours: Sleep is Good
Chart 9 of 2001= Chart 9 of 2000 (different views of course)
Mellophone For Half a Menstrule
Soggy Chicken III: Under Water
Band Ego
Massa Mo
Our Director Goes Nuts at the Football Game
We Are the Champions!
Tuba Sex
Sub Orders Turn Disasterous
The Trumpet Rap
J.J.'s 3 Strike's at Cantellope
Drum Cadence on a Glass Table With Suckers
Wild Bill Loses Half His Dart
Pool: Jessie vs. Katie
Twins Play Their Section Leaders
Massa Mo Plays Gloria
2nd Recording Session
Flying Ketchup
Don't Give in to the Pressure
Getting Lost Down Town
Little Claps: Percussion are Mad
The Risers Go Out the Door
Slut Lipstick
"Say No to Holiday"
Stephany is my Massa
The Green Couch
Alex is a Life Saver: No Power Captin
Trumpet Saver
Holiday Concert is Disaterous
Get Me the Podium
Flaming Blast!
Baritone Sex
The Worst Concert Ever
Jazz Band Tour #1
The Crushed Sopano
Old People Smell
The AARP Meeting
Attacked By a Tuba
Jon Loses His Pants at the Retirement Home
The Redneck Christmas Tree
CD Stuffers
Christmas Stories
The Unexpected Concert
Johnny B. in Pig Tails
The Fire Safty Code
The Song Called Extra Credit
Uno Mini-Cards
Wretched Clarinets
Katie vs. Jon
Add a Trill If the Trombones Don't Play
6th Grade Worksheet
The Colluseum on Ice
Hockey Game
No. 19 or 19 1/2
Winter Concert
"Birds" in the Percussion Section
The Fake Story Forrest Told of Antteries
Egyptian Rat Screw
Inchon Along
White House Lawn on the Easter Monday
Symphony Band Post Festival Ego
Satain Doll
Loop 180
My Scary Valentine
Percussion Challenges
Landon Returns
The Boyer Opera
Directors Impression of Donald Duck
Florida Trophies
The Johnny B. Mute
Burning of American Salute
Fun With Cell Phones
Bando WWF with Director Included
El Euchre
My Life As a Band Geek
Stupid Thoery Class

Don't Shave Much
Jessie Yells at Someone Who Cut Her
Wrong Turn on Front Street
Ding Dong the Witch is Gone
Short Band Camp
The Phantom
Chart 9 No More
7 Hour Rehersal
Running Errends with the Drum Major
Lunch in the Band Room
The Big Fiber Glass Pole That Bends
Water Baloons Fights Aren't Fun
     Unless You Have the Hose
No Conductor For a Day or Two
Jessie Broke Her Glasses
Forrest Lost His Glasses
Yeti, Goat, and the Yeti-Goat Master
Sexy Seagulls
Goat Noise
Waiting for Pictures on a Hot Day in
     Full Uniform
The Baritone Shrine
Stealing the Percussion Spirit Stick
Mellophones Never Got the Spirit Stick
The Phantom Menace
The Man They Called "Hitler"
Looking at the '74 Year Book
They Only Buy Cards from Chior
Alto's Bat Sax
Tuba Blondies
Drum Mahor
St. Francis Detication
Taco Bell Race
Soggy Chicken IV: Football Game
    in the Rain
Speechless Judges
Under the Fence and Through the
    Woods to 7-11 We Go
Around Town In Full Uniform
I.V. (It represents the letters- you 
    know what I'm talking about Tracy)
What Way Does Front Street Go?
Band Manager Gossip
Hilary Can't Use a Computer
Crashing the Orchestra Party
5 Hours at the Expo
Dunhams: In Uniform
Quick Trip to East JH
Arrive to Rehersal Early and We're
    Still Late
8 Hour Pit Rehersal
Yellow Submarine and the Band
The Band Banquet
Probate Court and Sex Ed Guidlines
Hottie Hot Steve and Scotty to Hottie
1 Hour Band Video
Complaing Sessions
Hairy Eyeball
Boyer Opera Continued
Concert Orchestra (ugh)
Being One with the Copy Machine
Obession Over Sequence
You Suck, You're Terrible, Get Out of Here!
Rubber Duckie

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